Own the Bone Provides Tools for Success to Address Growing Major Health Crisis

Mountain View Regional Hospital and Clinic announced today that it has implemented The American Orthopaedic Association’s Own the Bone® Program. The program is aimed to better identify, evaluate and treat patients that suffer from an osteoporosis or low bone density-related fracture. The program brings attention to the severe health implications of fragility fractures (broken bones that result from a fall from standing height or less) and the multi-faceted approach hospitals or clinics can incorporate to ensure these patients receive the most comprehensive care.

As the “First in the State of Wyoming” to implement this vital program, Mountain View Regional Hospital & Clinic plays an important role as a leader in Wyoming and nationally in providing improved patient care in bone health.

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF), up to 50% of all women and 25% of men over the age of 50 years will sustain a fragility fracture. Studies show that patients who have had a fragility fracture are 2 to 4 times more likely to experience another fracture than those who have never had a fracture. Yet, 80% of Medicare patients do not receive recommended osteoporosis care following a fragility fracture.

Mountain View Regional Hospital & Clinic is one of over 100 health care institutions nationwide that has taken initiative to ensure its osteoporotic fracture patients receive the treatment and care they deserve. Through the Own the Bone program and its national web-based quality improvement registry, Mountain View Regional Hospital & Clinic have been provided with the tools to establish a fracture liaison service (FLS) and to document, track and benchmark care of fragility fracture patients. Through an FLS program, a care coordinator, such as a nurse or physician’s assistant, ensures that fragility fracture patients are identified, evaluated and treated. Mountain View Regional Hospital & Clinic have also incorporated Own the Bone’s 10 prevention measures to improve patient care, including: nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle counseling; pharmacotherapy recommendation and initiation (when appropriate); bone mineral density testing recommendation and initiation; and communication regarding patient risk factors and recommendations via physician referral and patient education letters. “We are excited to improve bone health both in Casper and the Big Horn Basin by educating the public and partnering with the local hospitals, physicians, and physical therapists”, says program coordinator, Mary Phillips, ONP-C, of Mountain View Clinic in Cody.

By simply entering information in the web-based registry, improvements in patient care can be documented, tracked and quantified. “This will give us the important information we need to determine how well we are doing in secondary fracture prevention”, says Phillips.

“The Own the Bone program grew from the AOA's recognition that more attention needed to be directed at preventing future fractures in patients in addition to treating the orthopedic consequences of the current fracture. The program provides hospitals, practices and physicians an easy tool to ensure that proper screening, education, and medical treatments are a continuation of acute fragility fracture care,” said Scott D. Boden, MD, President of The American Orthopaedic Association.

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